Ingenious Financial

Banking in a Digital World


Keeping financial institutions relevant by transforming the digital payment and money movement services they provide to their customers or members.


Our single platform offers a secure unified digital payment experience you can depend on.


Everything marketplaces and platforms need to get users paid.


Ingenious Financial understands consumers desire to find innovative, real time, financial solutions. Our open source API has been a go-to place to get the financial solutions you need at the times you decide. It is well organized, easy to navigate and attractive. Our business strategies are driven by real customer experiences and this facilitates enterprise optimization platforms engineered straight from the people who have been in the same position.

What sets Ingenious Financial apart from our competition is not only our innovative technology, cloud delivery model and single platform approach to digital payments, it is our people. We come from the financial services industry, understand your business and are 100% committed to your success and our partner relationship. We focus on market trends and demands while continually enhancing our solutions to provide a competitive edge.

Ingenious Financial is changing the way payment transactions are processed. Our thought leaders bring a wealth of experience from the financial technology and banking industries to every decision we make. Our sole focus is improving the overall digital payment experience for consumers - to make it faster, more secure and easier to use - while delivering emerging payment technologies to FIs interested in remaining at the center of commerce.

Ingenious Financial features a single digital payments platform that facilitates electronic bill pay, account-to-account (A2A) and person-to-person (P2P) money movement services. We are focused on delivering a fast, efficient, secure, reliable and a seamless "anytime, anywhere, any device" multi-channel experience.


Mergers allow banks to achieve economies of scale, enhance revenues and cut costs through operational efficiencies, and diversify by expanding business lines or geographic reach. Bank mergers can result in more efficient banks and a sounder banking system and thus benefit the economy, as long as banking markets remain competitive and communities access to banking services and credit is not diminished.

Excellent Customer Focus

We strive to be nearby at key moments putting proximity and true customer focus at the heart of service.

Flexibility and Balance Sheet Reduction

We make balance sheets more flexible and reduce its use while maintaining and increasing our client outreach.

Improving Performance

We improve performance significantly in the core of the bank, both in terms of revenues and in costs.


Ingenious Financial offers businesses resources that leverage new technology to create, innovate and facilitate fresh and enhanced financial services both in P2P, KYC, B2C and B2B. This translates to customer driven, results oriented(,) real time resources that focus on the common problems customers have and how to make things better.

The results are a disruptive focus on products, systems, and regulations, creating better customer experiences. Simply put, we shake things up for our customers revolutionizing every bit of what banks offer: loans, mortgages, credit cards, debit cards and current accounts, international money transfer, investment advisory and more.

Our success is based on the innovation and development of easy to use, attractive, efficient interfaces that satisfy what our customers are looking for in the financial services partner.

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